Porsche Design 限量版頂級智能手機 奢華新體驗 Porsche Design P’9982 Smartphone from BlackBerry



新年伊始,Porsche Design在高端定制產品系列再推力作,打造全新奢華觸屏智能手機P’9982。日前Porsche Design聯合BlackBerry在中環旗艦店內舉行了全新奢華智能手機P’9982發佈會。無線當家男星陳豪受邀出席,與Porsche Design集團CEO Juergen Gessler以及BlackBerry香港及台灣總監梁凱風一起向到場嘉賓展示了P’9982的奢華設計和卓越性能。


P’9982(鱷魚皮版) 全球限量500個,機身採用精鋼鍛造,配以高級皮革裝飾,非凡的材料與精緻的工藝成就無可媲美的使用體驗;同時傳承Porsche Design的獨到設計讓用戶感受如駕馭超級跑車般的奢華享受。BlackBerry10.2版本操作系統則使手機具有更強勁的運行內核,結合智能科技於一身,使P’9982成為獨一無二的奢華智能手機。而專屬系列的PIN號碼,更彰顯Porsche Design智能手機用家的專屬世界。

「Porsche Design定制的智能手機一貫體現尊貴設計與卓越性能,相輔相成,這一理念更在全觸屏的P’9982中完美展現。」Porsche Design集團CEO Juergen Gessler表示。「與BlackBerry的再次合作使得產品能夠繼續保持Porsche Design的標誌性風格。憑藉P’9982,我們將領先全球奢華智能手機市場,帶領進入智能應用與奢華享受的新世代。」
被譽為奢華設計與頂尖科技完美結合的P’9982智能手機將於香港Porsche Design專賣店、1O1O門市以及各大指定零售商發售。



Porsche Design and BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX:BB)  launched the elite, new, all-touch Porsche Design P’9982 Smartphone from BlackBerry in Hong Kong. Uniquely designed and expertly crafted, the Porsche Design P’9982 is exquisitely fashioned from high-quality materials and features a customized version of the BlackBerry 10.2 OS to give you the ultimate personal experience.

The P’9982, which extends the Porsche Design luxury brand’s range of modern luxury smartphones, features a satin finished frame forged from the finest quality stainless steel, complemented by a hand-wrapped genuine Italian leather back door.
Distinguishable by its special series of PIN numbers, owners of the P’9982 will be instantly recognizable in the exclusive world of Porsche Design smartphone owners. The smartphone carries Porsche Design’s luxurious, iconic styling uniquely through the BlackBerry 10 experience to give you an exquisite handset purposely built to excel at mobile communications, messaging and productivity.

“Engineered Luxury meets Powered Performance – what has been true for the first Porsche Design smartphone is even truer for the all-touch P’9882,” says Juergen Gessler, CEO of the Porsche Design Group. “Once again the collaboration with BlackBerry has led to a device that implements our Iconic Style credo without compromises. With the P’9982 we extend our range of modern luxury smartphones and establish ourselves as a market leader in this segment.”

“The new all-touch P’9982 smartphone combines a unique design from an iconic brand with the power of BlackBerry 10,” said Alistair Hamilton, Senior Vice President of Design at BlackBerry. “Every aspect of this smartphone has been purposely
designed and built for a powerful premium experience.”

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